Art of The City



Inspiring in more ways than one, City of Dreams brings you more fun and excitement through a new series of on-property amusements and art-pieces. ‘Game of Thrills’ invites you to navigate the property and seek out these interactive installations and playful attractions throughout your stay – in addition to the endless list of entertainment and prize-winning promotions around City of Dreams.



Good Intentions by KAWS

A larger-than-life sculpture with two of KAWS’ favorite characters as parent and child, expressing his reflection of the importance of relationships.

Location: Art on 23, Morpheus

Continuel Lumière au Plafond by Julio Le Parc

An immersive installation with strips of mirror that reflect light to create movement, greeting Morpheus visitors with a dynamic experience. (Ready in end-June)

Location: Morpheus

Sky by Zhao Zhao

A series of paintings representing a sky that Zhao Zhao has fabricated based on his memories.

Location: Morpheus

9 Seas by Mathieu Lehanneur

Nine ceramic discs, each replicating the surface of the sea and painted in colors of different oceans across the globe.

Location: Morpheus

“I am busy today” & “Look at me!” by Paola Pivi

These charming foam bears are characters with anthropomorphic traits, reminding us the once close emotional, spiritual and practical bonding between humans and animals.

Location: Morpheus

Echoes Infinity by Shinji Ohmaki

Shinji Ohmaki made use of various shapes of local plant-inspired patterns to portray his imagination of the diverse traffic at Morpheus. The patterns are made up of natural crystal pigments.

Location: Morpheus

Untitled by Thilo Heinzmann

Four paintings in Plexiglass frames that illustrate the tension between sensory and visual.

Location: VIP Lobby, Morpheus

Wild Pansy by Jean-Michel Othoniel

A gigantic knot made of silver glass pearls, demonstrating emotional geometry and the reconciliation of opposing forms through reflection and motion.

Location: VIP Lobby, Morpheus

Pastry Go Round by Malherbe Paris

A treat for our guests to enjoy their spoils in a fairground environment.

Location: The Boulevard

200 LITOFAIRHOUR by Charles Petillon

Huge fabric bubbles at six meters high, creating a floating cloud above the energy and excitement of the ground below.

Location: The Boulevard

Fat Convertible by Erwin Wurm

One of Wurm’s famous Fat Car sculptures - a real Porsche plumped up with polyurethane foam and Styrofoam to become fat and big.

Location: The Boulevard

Cadillac Pool by Malherbe Paris

An oversized classic Cadillac with a full trunk of gold and bling, perfect for selfies.

Location: The Boulevard

Mrs Moncler Pop-up Shop

Location: South West Entrance

World Design Space

An innovative and dynamic concept space that celebrate young design forces, features over 20 Macau exclusive lifestyle brands from around the world.

Location: The Boulevard

Wings of Victory

Wings of Throne

Throne of Victory

Victory Horse

Large scale “The Art of Winning” installation arts located throughout City of Dreams.